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Departure Service

One of the biggest challenges for an owner staying in a different city than that of his house/apartment is to ensure a smooth handover and transition of his property from the existing tenant on expiry or termination of the lease agreement. With our technology enabled process driven approach, we capture everything that is important to ensure the takeover from the tenant is in accordance with the agreement, ensuring a hassle free experience for both, you and the tenant.

  • Joint Inspection with Tenant
  • Check inventory provided by the owner
  • Get confirmation from Society on no dues
  • Get confirmation on TDS certificates for the owner
  • Get clearance of no dues for all utility connections from Tenant
  • Identify damages/repairs
  • Ensure proper cleaning by Tenant
  • Completion of Move-Out formalities
  • Taking over of Keys
  • Coordinate refund of Security Deposit
  • Arrange signed Move out Form
  • Final report preparation
  • Record all termination related documentation
  • Evaluate the repair/replacement/paint work/polish work costs and share proposals with the owner
  • Provide timelines and process flow of work
  • Upon approvals and payment from the owner, get the repair/replacement done

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